Tracking credits and how it worksWe provide a real time tracking system that uses our renowned multi network SIM with GPRS credits.

Credits are used to allow connectivity of your tracking device to either our mobile app or web interface.

We have no other hidden extras, you just pay for the credits you use.


Typical gps tracking results map exampleGPS credits are required to track your GPS device in real time.

Credits are also required to track and create a tracking history for reporting, displaying current GPS location.

Credits are only used when the device is active and moving, a motion sensor inside detects any movement or vibration.

When your tracking device is dormant the system will go to sleep and not use any credits.

The example right is taken from a typical day for a local authorities vehicle, between the times of 8am to 5.30pm. The credits used for this day were 7 credits.

From the information returned you will be able to create reports showing date and time, speed, mileage, location address and much more.

Easily setup geo fencing and get notifications and alerts sent directly to your mail box.

We also provide an app with two tracking options, Light GPS for a quick lookup of any particular device on your system or Pro GPS with all the functions of your web interface and advanced settings.

A registered Piranha-M2M account is required to allow app login.

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