Piranha-M2M supply a range of tried and tested quality GPRS Trackers.

All our trackers come setup ready to go with:

  • Piranha-M2M Multi IMSI SIM.
  • Air time credit.
  • Registered to our tracking web platform, using your shop account login details.
  • SIM Account management.
  • Transactions.
  • Real time billing.
  • Easy airtime Top-Up.
  • Android & iOS app’s

Besides our GPRS tracking web interface, we also supply FREE mobile and tablet app’s for iOS and Android. Both app’s come with Light GPRS and Pro GPRS.

The Light GPRS allows you to quickly view and locate any current tracker device on you registered platform with device name and current location address with date and time.

The Pro GPRS gives you all the functionality of the web interface in a mobile friendly view. For best results we do suggest it is best viewed on a tablet due the vast array of options available or use the web interface on your desktop PC.

Get the GLOBAL-GPRS Android or iOS App