GSM Alarm & GPRS Tracker SIM

This SIM has been developed to fill the demand for a purpose based GSM SIM card to provide coverage across multiple mobile networks.

Unlike other SIM Cards our SIM has the capability to select the strongest signal and network service and register on that network throughout UK and EU.

This allows you to get better coverage and peace of mind that your equipment will be able to contact you where ever you are..MORE

GPRS Tracker Solutions

We provide a range of GPS tracking devices for every possible use, everything from small hand-held battery-powered trackers to fleet tracking units that send data in real time to our user’s online data tracking system.

Our tracking utilises global positioning system technology to allow owners to keep an eye on vehicles and people in real time, no matter where in the country or the world they might be...MORE


Typical Applications

Burglar alarm systems.

House alarms.

GPS Trackers.

Electronic gates and entry systems.

Caravan Security systems.

Motorcycle Security.

Boat Security + many other M2M applications..MORE

No contract, No expiration prepay sim card for GSM intrusion alarm’s & GPRS tracker system's

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